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Vilmer from Denmark manufactured diecast models from 1952 to 1971. The range included cars and trucks in 1/43rd to 1/50th scale, as well as a Lambretta scooter in a slightly larger scale. Several of the earlier models resembled contemporary products made by the Danish competitor Tekno, but the models were Vilmer's own designs. However, the Vilmer factory was much smaller, and even in its most successful years in the early 1960s, it produced much less models than the Tekno factory. After 1965, the company concentrated on 1/50th scale truck models. In the 1970s, after production had ceased in Denmark, the moulds were sold to Colombia, where some of the models were reissued under the Chico Toys name. A Mercedes-Benz lorry made from the Vilmer casting later also appeared in the range of Metosul from Portugal.

Mercedes-Benz L1113
platform lorry, yellow/blue; Germany 1965
Vilmer (Denmark), no. 850
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2012
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