Only few models of ErAZ vans as built in the Armenian capital of Yerevan between 1964 and 2002 have been made, e.g. by manufacturers of handbuilt models such as Vector Models from Ukraine in 1/43rd scale. The diecast models of the 1976 ErAZ 762B and the 1973 ErAZ 3730 released by De Agostini in a partwork for the Russian market in 2013 are in the same scale. Also in Yerevan, there was at least one factory producing toy cars. An electromechanical plant named Bazalt manufactured simple plastic models in the 1980s, namely a sports car without any labels of a car make, but clearly recognizable as a Porsche 935. The model is in about 1/32nd scale; it comes in a clear plastic bag, name and address of the manufacturer are written on a leaflet which was added to the model.