In Australia Matchbox models are quite popular, especially the classic car range "Models of Yesteryear". Sometimes these models are sold in typically Australian liveries. There are also scale model cars from Australian manufacturers, mostly in 1/43rd scale. Micro Models produced model cars from the 1950s, Steamlux made a 1/36th scale diecast model of the Holden FE Sedan and several models in smaller scales towards the end of the same decade, Xenita introduced a model of the Holden Commodore VL in the mid-1980s, and in 1986 Trax released the range "Australian Motoring History". Original cars copied by Trax are mainly Holdens and Australian Fords. Whereas Trax is specialized in classic car models in 1/43rd scale (and recently diversified into truck and bus models in smaller scales under the "Trux" banner), Paradise Garage have released some models of current Australian cars (Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon) since the mid-1990s, and Biante, an Australian model car retailer, offers a range of high quality diecast models of domestic cars in 1/18th, 1/43rd and 1/64th scale made by Autoart in China. Another Australian manufacturer is Classic Carlectables. Originally this company was specialized in racing car models, but recently more and more road cars have also been modelled, mostly in 1/43rd and 1/18th scale. There were and are also several manufacturers of handbuilt models in Australia, such as Dinkum Classics and Weico.

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