The small principality of Liechtenstein is known for its stamps, which have been popular among philatelists for many decades. Nowadays, Philately Liechtenstein, the national philatelic bureau, also sells model cars. In 2012, it started a series of stamps with paintings of classic cars owned by collectors from Liechtenstein, and commissioned the Chinese manufacturer Dongguan Shangjia to produce 1/43rd scale diecast models of these cars. The first four models were released in summer 2014: 1920 Hinstin roadster, 1915 Ford T speedster, 1908 Brasier racing car and 1911 Stanley Steamer. Soon afterwards, models of more recent prototypes followed: four sports cars from the 1950s, as well as four luxury cars from the late 1920s to the 1940s. The fourth series of stamps and models is dedicated to special-purpose and commercial vehicles and includes, along with an Unimog and a Fordson tractor, two prototypes built in Liechtenstein: an "Autotraktor" with Opel Kadett engine and loading platform made in 1945 by the Kaiser company from Schaanwald, and the Raim√ľndle tractor constructed by Raimund Matt, also from Schaanwald, in 1967. Based on a truck chassis, the Raim√ľndle tractor is equipped with a crane and winches and was used for forestry and salvage work. Models of buses as operated in Liechtenstein have been released, among others, by Rietze and Holland Oto.