Diecast model cars were manufactured in Israel in the 1960s: Gamda first used discarded moulds received from British manufacturers. The company was then taken over by the Israeli corporate group Koor, and the new Gamda Koor company introduced a range of 1/43rd scale diecast models called Sabra in 1966. In the USA these models were distributed by Cragstan, a toy importer from New York, and marketed under the "Detroit Senior" name. Most originals of these models were contemporary American cars, but there were also a model of the VW Beetle and - in a smaller scale - several bus models. Compared to the models by Corgi, Dinky Toys or Solido, the Cragstan models where rather simple, featuring opening bonnets and baseplates made of chromed plastic. A more recent manufacturer of model cars made in Israel is K.I. Models, producing Israeli post office and emergency vehicles in 1/43rd scale in the early 21st century, based on diecasts by Eligor and Old Cars. Several highly detailed handbuilt metal models, e.g. of the 1886 Benz tricycle, have also been made by K.I. Models. Another Israeli company, Alef Models, has manufactured handbuilt resin models in 1/43rd scale since 2001. A 1/18th scale diecast model of the Israeli-built Susita car from the 1960s was released by Rony Kosovsky in 2010. A wide range of customized models of vehicles in Israeli liveries (police cars, ambulances, military vehicles, buses and trucks) based on products by contemporary diecast model manufacturers, as well as a special Israeli series of Brooklin white metal models commissioned by the Israeli Model Cars Collectors Club, is sold by the model car shop ZIM Models.

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