Plastic toys are made in Iran by companies producing other plastic products such as household goods and packages. An example for these products is a large Volvo N Turbo toy truck without any indication of the manufacturer. The original truck was built in Iran under licence by Zamyad and was widely used in the country. Dorj Toy from Tehran has released friction-powered and radio-controlled plastic toy cars in 1/18th scale and bigger, including Iranian cars such as IKCO Samand, Peugeot Pars also built by IKCO and Saipa Saba, as well as other cars in police, taxi and racing liveries. While the older models are very simple, newer issues such as the Renault Tondar 90 and the Citro├źn Dyane as built in Iran are better detailed. Model cars are also made in China for the Iranian market, by a company called Pegah Star. The range of this manufacturer consists of the Samand and its predecessor Paykan in various colours and liveries, other Iranian cars (Samand Soren, Peugeot Pars) as well as a Mercedes-Benz as an Iranian police car in two different liveries (normal police and special forces), all made as diecast models with opening parts in about 1/30th scale. Furthermore, Pegah Star released a 1/27th scale plastic model of the IKCO-Peugeot 206 with pull-back action, also in two police versions: In addition to a model in the standard green and white livery, a blue and white model as used by the highway police was introduced. Welly released diecast models of the Saipa Saba, the Iranian notchback version of the Kia Pride, in 1/24th and 1/36th scale. The models feature Iranian number plates and are thus recognizable as Saipa cars. Welly also modelled a pick-up version (Saipa 151) in 1/36th scale. Other diecast models of Iranian cars in about 1/32nd to 1/36th scale have been made by Barni and anonymous Chinese producers. In 2020, the Iranian company Otol Models started producing detailed 1/43rd scale resin models, also in China. However, Iranian-made modelcars already existed in the 1960s: The Minicar company then manufactured 1/60th scale plastic models based on Siku products from Germany.