Detailed model trucks in 1/50th scale have been made by the Dutch companies Tekno and Lion Toys since the 1970s, later Tematoys and its successing company WSI Models also manufactured such models. Lion Toys, already in business since 1946, produced a range of Dutch DAF car models in 1/43rd scale in the 1960s and 1970s, some of which were re-edited in 2000. AHC (later "Doorkey"), another Dutch company, let produce diecast models of current cars in 1/43rd scale by Pilen in Spain until the end of the 1990s. AHC/Pilen has also released some models of Dutch DAF trucks in 1/50th scale. Around 1960, Best Box started producing 1/64ish scale diecast models. The company changed its name to Efsi in 1971 and later added commercial vehicles in 1/87th scale to its range. In the late 1980s the production of these models was taken over by Holland Oto. Another model car manufacturer from Holland was Edocar, who started producing diecast models in 1987, mostly in 1/64th scale and based on products made by other companies such as Maisto, Yat Ming and Hartoy. There were and are several Dutch companies producing handbuilt models: Autodrome, Derrez Models, Rialto Models, Marpytoys, Replicars, Conquest Models and Madison Models (both made for the Daimler House company in Heeze from 1987 to 2003, mostly by SMTS), Kim Classics (made by Western Models for a company in Rotterdam). Replicars, a company also distributing model cars made by other manufacturers, commissioned the Chinese manufacturer Spark to produce models of the current Dutch Spyker and Donkervoort sports cars in 2003. In 2007, Replicars also introduced the Neo range including 1/43rd scale resin models. A model of a classic Spyker car was made by Matchbox in the 1960s, another one more recently in 1/43rd scale by Matrix, a company which is also in Dutch ownership.