Big scale plastic models were a product of the Polish model car industry: For instance, a company called Czestochowska Fabryka Zabawek manufactured models of Polish original cars such as Polski Fiat 125p and 126p or FSO Polonez in 1/15th scale. But the two most important brand names for plastic model cars from Poland in the 1970s and 1980s were Estetyka and ZP-Ruch. The Warsawian company Estetyka produced rather crude models in 1/43rd and 1/50th scale. In their range models of Polish cars such as Fiat 126p and FSO Polonez can also be found. The "Seria Miniatur" range by ZP-Ruch consisted of cars, buses and trucks, all made in 1/72nd scale. Besides their own models both manufacturers also released copies of models originally made by Western European companies (Matchbox, Politoys). Matchbox and Corgi copies were also produced by a company called Lonza, Polgal produced plastic toy cars, and Carex manufactured simple 1/64th scale diecast models from 1983 to 1991. Other simple diecast models were made in the 1980s by Seba in the same size and by ABI in 1/40th scale. Since the mid-1990s, the German company Sieper has operated a factory in Zlotoryja for the production of parts and the assembly of Wiking and Siku models. A range of 1/87th scale resin handbuilt models of Polish vehicles was made by Tololoko from 2003 to around 2012. 1/87th scale models of contemporary Polish Solaris buses are made by Rietze and VK Modelle from Germany, and a toy company called Hipo released a 1/32nd scale model of the popular FSM Syrena 105 L car in late 2005. This model is made in China for the Polish market. Finally, in 2008, a partwork series including detailed 1/43rd scale models of Syrena, Warszawa and Polski Fiat cars made by Ixo/IST Models was released in Poland by the publishing house De Agostini, and Welly introduced a range of Polski Fiat models in 1/34th to 1/36th scale.