Several model manufacturers have existed in Argentina, the best known of them is Buby. This company produced model cars from 1957 up to the 1990s, first in 1/43rd scale, later also in 1/64th scale. European and American cars were copied, but often these original cars were specially prepared for the South American market and were made in Argentina. In the 1960s Buby also painted and assembled models supplied by the French manufacturer Solido. These Buby models differed from the French models only by a sticker on the box. Finally, from 1987 to 1993, Buby produced the "Collector's Classics" and "Buby's Classics" models: limited edition diecast models of American cars of the 1950s and 1960s in 1/43rd scale. Another range of handbuilt models of classic American cars was released by the Argentinean manufacturer Goldvarg in the 1990s, and Biagiotti manufactured large scale tin model buses. Several other companies produced diecast models in the 1970s and 1980s: Galgo made rather simple, but solid diecast cars in 1/43rd and 1/64th scale, buses in 1/64th and trucks in 1/87th scale, Ruestes manufactured copies of models originally made by Guisval from Spain, Clau-Mar made 1/50th scale model buses, and some more manufacturers concentrated on models in about 1/64th scale: Muky (Hot Wheels copies), Aguti (models also marketed as "Rapitoy" and "Loden"), Jet (made by the Gillette company), Renno. Tin (Gorgo, Saxo, IVH) and plastic toys (Eurostil, EPLAXA, Nugil and others) were also made in Argentina. Finally, several small manufacturers such as 380W Models, DataModel, Cobre, LG Hobby and MC Models are producing handbuilt resin models. In 2016, Salvat released the partwork "Autos inolvidables argentinos" with 1/43rd scale diecast models of classic Argentinean cars made by Ixo. Other partworks with Argentinean commercial vehicles (also by Salvat) and racing cars from Turismo Carretera series (by De Agostini) followed soon.

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