Several manufacturers of toy cars were in business in Romania in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Metaloglobus from Bucharest made big tinplate tourist buses and a Romanian Bucegi truck as a 1/50th scale diecast model, as well as plastic models of the domestic Dacia and ARO cars. The IMP Viitorul company, based in Oradea, offered plastic models of Dacia cars in 1/32nd scale, IUPS Lugoj produced big tinplate models, including a 1/20th scale ARO off-road car, and IMP Tehnica Noua from Sibiu released a series of soft plastic cars in the style of the Norwegian Tomte models under the name of "3Lei" - the models were sold at the price of 3 Lei. Since these models were not exported to other countries, models of Romanian cars became available in considerable amounts only after the year 2000: A 1/43rd scale diecast model of a Dacia 1300 (the Romanian version of the Renault 12) as a Bucharest taxi was released by the Spanish and French publisher Altaya in their partwork "Taxis du monde/Taxis del mundo" in late 2003. Several companies have produced 1/43rd scale models of the Citroën Axel/Oltcit, another car made in Romania: Heco from France released a handbuilt resin model of the more luxurious export version "Axel" in the 1980s. More recently, the Dutch company Marpytoys has modelled the "Oltcit" version as built for the Romanian market. A diecast "Axel" model was made by Universal Hobbies for the French partwork "Passion Citroën" in 2006. The French company Eligor released a 1/43rd scale diecast model of the Dacia Logan in 2004, and more current Dacia models have been introduced since then by Eligor and Norev. Classic Dacia and ARO models can be found as well in the Ixo/IST Models range. The same company also manufactures the De Agostini partwork series featuring 1/43rd scale cars for the Romanian market, introduced in 2011; several models of domestic original cars have been released in this series. Siku and Matchbox have modelled off-road vehicles by the Romanian company Ghe-O. A current Romanian manufacturer, Wespe Models, was established in 1996 and is specialized in resin kits and handbuilt models of military, commercial and construction vehicles in various scales. Besides many prototypes from other countries, their range also includes several ARO and Rocar models in 1/87th scale. Another Romanian manufacturer of handbuilt models, Dan Models, is specialized in 1/50th scale models of American trucks, and FanKit Models manufactures detailed models of construction vehicles and fire engines in 1/50th and 1/87th scale. The 1/43rd scale resin model of an Autobianchi Primula released in 2014 in very limited numbers under the name of Aftermarket Models and sold by the Italian online shop Carmodel, was also made in Romania.