In Thailand, anonymous craftsmen make car and bike models from recycled tin, but there are also various well-known companies which are producing diecast model cars. 1/18th and 1/24th scale models by the Chinese-American manufacturer Maisto have been assembled here since 1990, and in the late 1990s, some models from the short-lived range of detailed 1/43rd scale cars were also made in Thailand. 1/64th scale models are also made in Thailand in large numbers, as there are factories operated by the American toy company Mattel, owner of the Matchbox and Hot Wheels modelcar brands, and by the French company Majorette. A typical means of transportation in Thailand are the Tuk Tuks, three-wheeled autorickshaws manufactured by various small local companies, mostly based on the Japanese Daihatsu Midget. Thai souvenir shops sell handbuilt Tuk Tuk models made of wood or tin cans, as well as inexpensive diecast models made in China and also in Thailand with pull-back action. Detailed 1/43rd scale models of the Tuk Tuk made for collectors can be found in the ranges of Altaya/Ixo and Universal Hobbies. In addition to a 1/47th scale diecast Tuk Tuk, Majorette also offers a modern Thai Toyota taxi. Both models are made in Thailand as well.