Muky - The "Argentinean Hot Wheels"

Muky Nr. 35: Bomberos

Muky models were a range of diecast toy cars made in Argentina in the 1970s and 1980s. The models were in about 1:64 scale and were called the "Argentinean Hot Wheels", since many of them were made of the same castings as the models of the famous diecast range made by Mattel. Here you can get some information about these toy cars, and of course there are some pictures.
  • Story: A brief summary of the Muky history.
  • Models: Pictures of 33 different Muky models - a complete collection.
  • Boxes: Muky models were first sold in picture boxes, later in blue window boxes. Here you can see pictures of both box styles.
  • Links: Several resources about Muky models on the World Wide Web, and even a place where to get some of these models.
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