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The Swedish company Playsam was founded by Carl Zedig in Kalmar in 1984, with the aim to produce well-designed high quality wooden toys for children. Clear and simple lines are the common features of all Playsam products. Besides several generic vehicles such as the "Streamliner", which has been selected as a design classic by the Swedish National Museum, Playsam has also released a model of the aerodynamic Saab 92001 prototype from 1947. The model, introduced in the mid-1990s, is entirely made of wood in about 1/18th scale and painted with black high lustre paint. Furthermore, Playsam manufactures keychains in the form of the Saab 92001 and the Volvo PV 544. These items are made of plastic in about 1/64th scale and are featuring working front and rear lights (LEDs).

Model manufacturer: Playsam

  Saab 92001
black; Sweden 1947
Playsam (Sweden), article no. 14001
wood, scale 1:18; acquired 2008
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