Several manufacturers offer models of the electric supercars built by the Croatian company Rimac. For example, GT Spirit, a sub-brand of Ottomobile, has made a detailed 1/18th scale resin model of the 2021 Rimac Nevera. Hot Wheels released a simple 1/64th scale diecast model of the same car in a series called "HW Green Speed" dedicated to electric-powered sporty cars. Both models were introduced in early 2023. Already before, FrontiArt had reproduced the 2013 Rimac Concept_One as a 1/18th scale resin model. In the 2000s, Croatian model maker Dražen Bjelić produced several 1/87th scale resin handbuilt models of vehicles from former Yugoslavia. His range included a Zastava 750 and a Zastava Yugo in various colours, as well as a TAM 80 truck.