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BILL MANDLEBAUM  22.10.2019 22:28

Todor Homepage  21.01.2019 23:48
Great collection, and well organized!
You can take a look at mine here:

Tracy Flippkings  27.09.2017 17:06
This collection looks really impressive: a great database for the model car enthusiasts to have a great time. The same as is a nice place for everybody interested in trucks.

richard hutchins Homepage  22.05.2017 11:43
sams mod cars are still in production

Filip  19.06.2016 19:02
Hi everyone, I have seen original Igra modelle, have some models at home for example Tatra camion, few years ago Igra was closed.
Now I see very similar brand in the same state Czech, with very similar products, Im confused about this, could anyone explain to me

Bon Val  11.03.2016 19:45
Model Car Collection:

Tony Reich  27.07.2015 13:14
Great Website.
Do you know of collectors in Buenos Aires,

Adrian Poon Homepage  04.06.2015 08:55
Dear Sir, what an incredible database. I'm writing from Paragon Models / Jadi Modelcraft. We are the same entity. Please feel free to update "Paragon" to the correct address!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Hobby and Toy Museum Homepage  08.05.2015 10:47
Hello Daniel,
Came across your site researching 1/43 models.
Thanks for sharing!
Hobby and Toy Museum, Hong Kong

till clemens  14.02.2015 15:02
i have a vw bus mecline near mint -nivea- rar and not mentioned in books. can send fotos-to anyone who is interessted...need infos. my email:

MAX OHLSSON  09.10.2014 00:09
Vill kpa Temsa Diamond i skala 1:87 2 st....

Daniel Homepage  27.07.2014 03:01
im in Australia and i have a diecast model car shop i do like your website i have over 11000 cars in stock at
Our comment: Thank you for your message. Your shop website is now also on my links page.

bob lalas  18.03.2014 17:18
Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.

Steven Masson Homepage  29.10.2013 06:48
Hi Daniel,
I've just come across your great site!
Very informative & interesting (good work).
Please could you add my site to your list of links:
I will add your site to my list of links (Thanks)
I've been collecting since around 1968/69 (the intro of Hot Wheels to the UK) & my collection is somewhere around 50,000 vehicles (the majority 1/64th ...1/55 to 1/76.!!) But I still have a large number of 1/43rd & have started going smaller to 1/86th! :D
I noticed you do not have Bill Manske's book " Corgi Juniors & Husky models" listed on your reference works?
This is a great book (I contributed a chunk of information to it!)
In the old days, I also contributed to 'Tales of Toy cars' (Summer cars) & 'Majobase' (Majorette).
Carry on with the Excellent job on your site.
All the Best
Our comment: Hello Steve, thanks for the information! Your site is now on my links page, and I've added Bill Manzke's book to my literature list. I'm always happy to get such information in order to fill the gaps on my website.

Janet Henry  08.06.2013 05:43
I have several plastic Chevrolet model cars from 1958-1985 (many in the original plastic and box). I would be intersted to learn if you are interested in purchasing or could direct me to a source Thanks so much.

John Howard  01.04.2013 09:50
FABULOUS COLLECTION! I have a reasonable size also (about 7,500) including 2700 1/43 with the rest in many scales from 1/18 to whatever. I do have many you have but equally you have more I do not again a great collection and one to appreciate and enjoy Congratulations!!!!!!

JIRI BADURA  03.03.2013 14:28
Hallo Daniel, fantastic web page, I wish I would be able to make the same on my collection and all interest.
Best regards

Mark Agnew  28.04.2012 15:06
This is a great site and I am now very proud to have my handbuilt model Ascort added to your collection. Keep up the great work.

autodelta Homepage  10.04.2012 14:53
hello, super site, surtout pour les liens des fabricants de miniature

Ben van Roode Homepage  06.04.2012 10:13
Dear Daniel
We started an English version of our Dutch site, directed at everybody that does not read Dutch. We are still constructing it and we have to add more content. Could you please mention it in your list?
Thank you.
Ben van Roode

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