Model Lists

Here you can have a look at my whole collection. Since the late 1970s I have collected 2967 model cars, most of them in 1/43rd scale. All of them are pictured. Ignoring all the (justified) recommendations, I never specialized in a certain subject while collecting. But this way, my collection shows you a little bit of the huge variety in the world of model cars.

Available lists:

The model cars shown here are not for sale. However, the links to Google and eBay attached to each entry of the database make it easy to find further information about the model - and maybe you will find a place where you can buy it.

Country indications usually refer to the current name of the country in which the production site for the model or for its prototype was (or is) located. Cars and models from the former USSR can thus be found under "Russia", "Ukraine", "Latvia" or another former Soviet republic, depending on the place of the manufacturer's production plant. The same rule is applied for cars and models from Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, whereas an exception is made for the German Democratic Republic (GDR, 1949-1990), in order to give as exact information on the production site as possible.