Welcome to Daniel Beck's Model Car Collection. This non-commercial website was created in 1998, when my brother wanted to set up a website with an integrated database and suggested to catalog my collection. You can see all models from my collection here. Furthermore, I have added some background information about collecting model cars. Enjoy!

That's what you'll find on this website:

A small model car glossary providing background information, useful hints, and definitions of special terms used by model car collectors, a short model car history, portraits of all model manufacturers represented in my collection, references to literature about model cars, and links to model car related websites. Of course, suggestions for additional information or links for these sections are always welcome. I have discovered a Russian translation of the model car glossary in issue 2/2006 of the magazine "Avtomobilny Modelizm" (unfortunately without referring to the source).

Here you can get information about the model car scene of 79 countries, illustrated by some examples from my collection. In most cases the current name of the country where the models and original cars were produced is indicated as country of origin (e.g. "Czech Republic" is also used for models or cars made in the Western part of Czechoslovakia before 1993, and "Serbia" is used for the Zastava cars made in former Yugoslavia, since this company was based in the Serbian city of Kragujevac). The only exceptions are models and cars from the former German Democratic Republic. By the way: Not all countries in which model cars are or were produced are (yet) represented in my collection.

Five short tours through my collection. The tour "Nostalgia" e.g. shows old and old-looking items. I also show you high tech models, movie cars, curiosities and extremes such as the models copying the oldest and fastest original cars. Every model is described and, of course, shown in a picture. Furthermore, if you know the password, you can discover a very rare model car that should stay confidential at the manufacturer's request.

Here you can have a look at my whole collection. Since the late 1970s, I have collected 2959 model cars, most of them in 1/43rd scale. All of them are pictured. Ignoring all the (justified) recommendations, I have never specialized in a certain subject while collecting. But so my collection shows you a little bit of the huge variety in the world of model cars. Various model lists are available; the lists grouped by model manufacturer include a brief description of the producer's history. Advanced search allows looking for word combinations in all texts of this website and offers many search combinations to find models in the database. A special page is dedicated to models of non-specified original cars in my collection.