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The Brazilian company Automodelli was founded in S„o Paulo in 1998 by collector Antonio Apuzzo and model maker Mauro Guarnieri. They concentrated on making models of classic Brazilian vehicles: FNM Alfa Romeo cars and trucks, Willys Interlagos coupÍ and convertible, VW SP2, Ford Galaxie 500, Chevrolet Opala. A model of the 2002 Mercedes-Benz Papamobile was also added to the range. All these items are very detailed 1/43rd scale resin handbuilt models. In the meantime, Automodelli has also released resin models in 1/24th scale, metal models in 1/64th scale and various dioramas. In 2011, re-editions of models in about 1/64th scale made by the Brazilian manufacturer Roly Toys in the 1960s were added to the range.

Model manufacturer: Automodelli

  VW SP2
orange; Brazil 1974
Automodelli (Brazil)
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2005
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