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Bymo is a German manufacturer of construction vehicle models based in Zolling, Bavaria. The company is owned by Anton Hanrieder and started as a German distributor of construction vehicle models by foreign manufacturers before releasing its first own models in 2004. The range now consists of detailed models of excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks and special equipment, mainly in 1/50th scale and made of heavy diecast metal. Most models are made on behalf of construction equipment manufacturers or truckage companies in rather small production runs of a few hundred items. In 2010, Bymo started operating a plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to produce a 1/50th scale Komatsu PC8000 excavator and other models such as a vibrating plate in 1/25th scale. However, the production of the Komatsu model was moved to China already three years later.

Ammann AVH 6030
vibrating plate, yellow/green; Switzerland 2009
Bymo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), no. 25019
diecast, scale 1:25; acquired 2013
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