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Jean-Marie Dubray started producing 1/43rd scale resin models in Autun in France in the 1970s. The range notably consisted of classic French cars from the 1930s: Citroën C4 and 11 CV Traction Avant, Peugeot 402, Renault Vivasport. In addition, some more modern cars from the 1950s to the 1970s were also available, e.g. a Jaguar Mk II and a Lamborghini Espada. In the 1980s, Dubray stopped production and became a landscape gardener in Southern France. The classic Citroën and Peugeot cars were later re-edited by the Swiss model car distributor Tek-Hoby in various versions.

Renault Vivasport
light green, open; France 1934
Dubray (France), no. 35
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2019
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