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Fun Ho! was founded by Jack Underwood in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1935, and originally manufactured lead figurines. In 1942 the company started production of sand-cast aluminium toy cars, trucks and tractors in various scales. These toys were very durable and soon became popular in New Zealand. In addition to the aluminium toys, the "Midget" range of small diecast vehicles in about 1/87th scale was introduced in 1965. The dies for the first items of this range were bought from the Australian manufacturer Streamlux. Production ceased in 1982 when competition of cheap imported plastic toys became too strong. However, re-issues of the classic Fun Ho! toys have been produced by the Fun Ho! National Toy Museum in Inglewood since the 1990s.

Ford Thames Pick-up
red; United Kingdom 1961
Fun Ho! (New Zealand), no. 26
diecast, scale 1:82; acquired 2008
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Packard Roadster
dark red; USA 1936
Fun Ho! (New Zealand), no. 170
aluminium, scale 1:50; acquired 2007
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