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Homemade Die-cast is a Ukrainian distributor and manufacturer of 1/43rd scale handbuilt models. The company is based in Dnipro and cooperates with other Ukrainian manufacturers such as Kimmeria and Vector Models. Various versions of the Kineshma microcar as built from 1997 to 2003 have been released in 1/43rd scale under the company's own name since 2020, made with technical support from Kimmeria. These models were followed among others by an ambulance and a truck based on the Oka small car, as well as special versions of LuAZ off-road vehicles. The basic material of the models is galvanized copper, but some parts are made of resin. The models are produced in very limited numbers (15 to 35 items per variant), and each of them is individually numbered.

Avtoagregat Kineshma
blue; Russia 2000
Homemade Die-cast (Ukraine), no. DP-01KL
galvanized copper, scale 1:43; acquired 2022
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