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Hormel is an American food company, based in Austin, Minnesota, and founded in 1891. The company's best known product is Spam canned meat, introduced in 1937. In the early 21st century, when the Spam name had already been adopted for unsolicited electronic messages, Hormel operated the "Spammobile" in the USA to advertize the product, handing out free burgers with Spam to the public. The vehicle was a blue bus covered with decals that are supposed to make it look like a big can of Spam. A small diecast model of the Spammobile was released by Hormel in 2002 as a promotional item. It was made in China and has no manufacturer mark on it.

Model manufacturer: Hormel

  Hormel Spammobile
USA 2002
Hormel (China), article no. 1
diecast, scale 1:100; acquired 2015
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