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Italeri is an Italian manufacturer of plastic model kits. The company was founded by Giuliano Malservisi and Gian Pietro Parmeggiani in Calderara di Reno near Bologna in 1962 and has produced a wide range of airplanes, military vehicles, helicopters and ships, but also trucks in 1/24th scale and cars in 1/24th, 1/16th and 1/12th scale. In the field of ready-made diecast models, Italeri introduced a series of 1/32nd scale models of the Piaggio Ape, a small transporter as built in Italy since 1947 in many variations, in 2008. These models were made in China and were also available at Italian newsagents in a partwork series by Hachette. Furthermore, some Ape vehicles, notably a 2007 Calessino and a 2000 Cross Country, were released in 1/18th scale.

Piaggio Ape B150
van "Motta"; Italy 1954
Italeri (China), no. 76814
diecast, scale 1:32; acquired 2021
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