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Khezli Plast is an Iranian manufacturer of plastic toys. The company was founded in Tehran in 2016 and produces models of cars and trucks in various larger scales. Around 2020, a 1/17th scale plastic model of the Paykan car as built in Iran from 1967 onwards with good detail and exact proportions was introduced. The range includes a pick-up, the saloon in the Deluxe and Javanan ("Paykan for the youth") versions in various colours, and a taxi. In addition, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo trucks, a Mazda pick-up and a 1956 Ford Thunderbird as simpler plastic models have also been released, as well as the Paykan saloon and pick-up as caricatures with squeezed proportions in about 1/30th scale.

Paykan Javanan
light blue; Iran 1971
Khezli Plast (Iran), no. 13
plastic, scale 1:17; acquired 2023
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