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La Soffitta di Nonno Battax ("Grandpa Battax's attic") is an online store based in Turin selling current and obsolete model cars. After having produced figurines and accessories for dioramas in 3D printing technology, notably oil drums in various scales, the company run by Andrea Battaglino released its first 1/43rd scale model car using the same technology in autumn 2019: a contemporary Fiat Tipo in hatchback and notchback version, the latter also available as Fiat Aegea, i.e. under the name as the car was sold in Turkey. It is a simple static resin model with fixed wheels and no interior detail, but the proportions are accurate. Standard versions are painted black, but other colours are also available, as well as police and taxi versions. New versions of these models featuring interior detail, as well as a Tipo SW estate car, appeared in 2020.

Fiat Tipo
Italian police (Carabinieri); Italy 2016
La Soffitta di Nonno Battax (Italy)
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2019
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