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Josef Brunner started manufacturing 1/87th scale models of farm tractors under the name of MO-Miniatur in the early 1980s. Besides tractors, the German company later also released forklifts, excavators, trucks, cars and accessories, and diversified into other scales such as 1/22.5th, 1/32nd, 1/43rd, 1/160th and 1/220th, providing model vehicles matching model railway layouts in most common scales. Today, the range mainly focuses on the farm tractors in 1/87th scale as well as on tractors, classic German cars of the 1950s, and classic commercial vehicles in 1/32nd scale. The models, which are designed in Germany and produced in China, are highly detailed and made of resin in limited quantities.

Hürlimann 4 DKT 46L
tractor, light grey; Switzerland 1943
MO-Miniatur (China), no. 1005
resin, scale 1:32; acquired 2015
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