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Manaplas was established in Caracas in 1960 and manufactures plastic products for household and garden. In the 1970s, the Venezuelan company also produced plastic toy cars, mostly military vehicles originating from moulds made by the US-American manufacturer Processed Plastic. Matching toy soldiers were offered as well. But Manaplas also made models of civilian vehicles, e.g. several Buggies in rather big scales and a series of very simple plastic toy cars in about 1/43rd scale. One of the Buggy models called "Buggy Loco" was obviously inspired by the Meyers Manx Con-Ferr Buggy as driven by Steve McQueen in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" in 1968.

Meyers Manx Con-Ferr Buggy
white ("Buggy Loco"); USA 1968
Manaplas (Venezuela), no. 3510
plastic, scale 1:14; acquired 2014
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