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Micro Turbo is a Chinese manufacturer of 1/64th scale diecast models. The first two models were released in 2022 and were created in collaboration with Peako: a second-generation Toyota MR2 and a first-generation Mazda MX-5, both from 1989. Both models are very well detailed and feature realistic rims, rubber tyres and movable pop-up headlights. Various customized versions of these two models, other Japanese sports cars and several show trucks, including typical Japanese Dekotora trucks, were subsequently released. A model of the Fiat Panda converted into the "world’s lowest car" by the Italian car modifier collective Carmagheddon in 2023 has also been made by Micro Turbo.

Carmagheddon Fiat Panda
turquoise, world's lowest car; Italy 2023
Micro Turbo (China), no. MT6410A1
diecast, scale 1:64; acquired 2024
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