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Milena Rose is a French company owned by Frédéric Cros, well-known for his Silas Models range featuring 1/43rd scale resin models of classic British cars. The Milena Rose name was originally used for a series of 1/43rd scale dioramas; the first resin models cars in the same scale were released in February 2017. The range focuses on French cars made under licence in other countries and started with a Renault 12 Alpine from Argentina and Renault Dauphine versions as built in Argentina, Italy and the USA. The special characteristics of the local versions are very well reproduced on these models which are made in China to the same high quality standards as the Silas Models range. Production numbers are very limited, ranging from 70 to 110 items per issue.

Model manufacturer: Milena Rose

  Renault 12 Alpine
blue/silver; Argentina 1978
Milena Rose (China), article no. MR43002b
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2017
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