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In the 1960s several manufacturers in the GDR started producing 1/30th scale friction-powered plastic model cars. One of these manufacturers, GEVO, released models of the Skoda Octavia and the Wartburg 353. Other Skoda models and a 1965 Opel Rekord coupé followed. After the nationalisation of the GDR toy industry in the early 1970s the models were made by the state-owned enterprise Plasticart in Zschopau until 1989. In addition to the Eastern European cars and the Opel Rekord, a model of the Ferrari 330 GTC was introduced in the Plasticart range in 1980. The former Espewe models in 1/87th scale, which were produced in Annaberg-Buchholz, were also marketed under the Plasticart name in the 1980s.

Ferrari 330 GTC
ivory; Italy 1966
Plasticart (GDR), no. 23350
plastic, scale 1:30; acquired 2018
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Opel Rekord Coupé
brown; Germany 1965
Plasticart (GDR), no. 23450
plastic, scale 1:30; acquired 2008
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Wartburg 353 Tourist
yellow; GDR 1970
Plasticart (GDR), no. 23130
plastic, scale 1:30; acquired 2006
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