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The Bolivian company Plastigama started production of plastic toys and household equipment in 1986. The first factory was located in Cochabamba, but since 2009, the Plastigama products have been manufactured by the Plastycom company based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Besides other toys such as balls, dolls and party accessories, Plastigama offers a wide range of big scale vehicle models, mostly trucks, but also pick-ups, off-road vehicles and passenger cars. While many of these vehicles are generic, some of them are simple, but quite accurately shaped miniatures of actual cars and trucks: VW Beetle (called "Peta" in Bolivia), Mitsubishi Montero, Suzuki Carry and Vitara, Jeep, Volvo F12. They are about 1/18th to 1/25th scale and made of sturdy plastic in vivid colours.

Mitsubishi Montero
blue; Japan 1990
Plastigama (Bolivia), no. J136
plastic, scale 1:24; acquired 2013
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VW 1500
red; Brazil 1975
Plastigama (Bolivia), no. J114
plastic, scale 1:22; acquired 2013
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