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Playart was a Hong Kong based company which started production of diecast model cars in 1/55th to 1/64th scale, similar to Matchbox and Hot Wheels products, in the late 1960s and remained in business until the mid-1980s. Some Playart diecast models are close copies of models by other manufacturers, but the majority are unique castings. In spite of their rather moderate quality, Playart models thus have become quite interesting for collectors, because the company modelled many cars which were not available as small-scale diecast models from other manufacturers. Playart also released some models in 1/43rd and 1/24th scale, trucks and fire engines in various scales as well as tanks and airplanes. Several retailers and department stores packaged and marketed Playart models under different names: New York toy distributor Charles Merzbach sold them under the "Charmerz" name, Woolworth created the in-house brand "Peelers" for Playart toy cars, Sears used the name "Road Mates", and McCrory offered a series of Playart models under the name of "Freewheelers".

BMW 3.0 CSi
orange; Germany 1971
Playart (Hong Kong), no. 7958
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2016
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Honda S800
green, open; Japan 1968
Playart (Hong Kong), no. 7140
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 1980
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Volvo 343
green metallic; Sweden 1977
Playart (Hong Kong), no. 7255
diecast, scale 1:64; acquired 1980
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