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Raymond Daffaure from the city of Marmande in the Southwest of France started manufacturing wooden model cars in the late 1950s. After he had won a contest for model makers in 1958, he was asked by racing car driver Maurice Trintignant to produce models of the cars he drove. This was the beginning of a model car series under the name of RD Marmande. In the following two decades, Raymond Daffaure made models of at least 800 different cars in his kitchen, most of them in 1/43rd scale and many of them never made by other manufacturers before. Each model is completely hand-carved, hand-painted and handbuilt, only the wheels come from Norev - these could be bought separately as replacement parts at toy shops in these days. The level of detail is remarkable regarding the material and the simple production process. One of the most popular models was the Ferrari 250 GTO, of which more than 100 items were made, but many other cars were made in less than 10 items, several of them only at special request by customers. It is estimated that Raymond Daffaure produced about 40 to 100 models each month. He had to cease production in 1978 due to health problems.

Matford 13 CV Alsace
dark green; France 1936
RD Marmande (France)
wood, scale 1:43; acquired 2015
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