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Revell, one of the first and one of the most important manufacturers of plastic model kits still today, was founded by Lewis H. Glaser in California in 1943. Since 1984 Monogram, formerly one of the most important competitors in this field, also belongs to Revell. A German subsidiary company had already been founded by Revell in 1956. It started developing its own products in the 1960s and became completely independent from the American company in 2006. From the late 1980s, both companies also released ready-made modelcars: Revell Germany offered a very popular range of 1/18th scale model cars and temporarily made detailed 1/43rd scale models. Revell USA concentrated on diecast models in 1/20th ("Creative Masters" range), 1/24th/25th and 1/64th scale.

BMW Isetta 250
red/white, with Camper "Moldi 1"; Germany 1957
Revell (China), no. 8959
diecast, scale 1:18; acquired 2000
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Ferrari Mythos
red; Italy 1990
Revell (China), no. 8500
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 1996
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Mercedes-Benz SSK
white/black; Germany 1929
Revell (Germany), no. 7379-0389
plastic, scale 1:24; acquired 1983
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Mitsubishi Eclipse
light green, "The Fast and the Furious"; Japan 1995
Revell (China), no. 86-3026
diecast, scale 1:64; acquired 2011
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