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The origins of Rico date back to 1910, when four former employees of the Spanish toy manufacturer Paya founded their own company called Verdú y Cia in Ibi near Alicante. In 1919, they were joined by doll maker Santiago Molino Ricó, who took full control of the company three years later. In the following years, Rico specialized in the production of tin toys and became one of Paya's most important competitors. From the beginning, Rico also offered toy cars made of tin. Plastic models were added to the range from the 1950s onwards, notably a series of contemporary cars and small vans, mostly Spanish originals, in 1/36th to 1/40th scale, Pegaso trucks in 1/55th scale, and a Seida bus in 1/62nd scale. These models have a tinplate base and are friction-powered. The last model in the series was a 1966 Dodge Dart. In parallel, plastic toy cars were also produced in larger scales, usually equipped with a friction motor and later with cable remote control. The company closed down in 1984.

Dodge Dart
dark red; Spain 1966
Rico (Spain), no. 21
plastic, scale 1:36; acquired 2023
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