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In 1994, Antonio Pezzini and Jonathan Scott started producing replicas of obsolete Mercury models from the 1950s and early 1960s under the Scottoy name in Genova. Unlike the Mercury models, the Scottoy replicas are made of white metal and are always featuring glazed windows and interior detail. At first, Italian cars in 1/48th scale were modelled, followed by scooters in 1/30th scale, foreign cars as well as a Fiat-Viberty tanker, and many taxi, police, fire brigade and other special versions of the Italian cars were added to the range. The Tel Model series of newly developped models in exact 1/43rd scale was introduced in 2000. Later Scottoy concentrated on manufacturing promotional models based on products made by OFF 43 and Brumm.

Model manufacturer: Scottoy

  Fiat 1100
"Agip"; Italy 1953
Scottoy (Italy), article no. 28A
white metal, scale 1:48; acquired 2010
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