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The Sun Rubber Company, a manufacturer of rubber products in Barberton, Ohio, was in business from 1923 to 1974. In addition to other toys such as dolls, the company started producing toy vehicles made of rubber in 1934. While the similar models by Auburn Rubber represented actual contemporary road cars, Sun Rubber rather focused on attractive, timeless designs and also released many generic vehicles. The range consisted of streamlined sedans, futuristic trucks, sports and racing cars. Military vehicles, airplanes and licenced products for Disney and Warner Bros., featuring characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Porky Pig, were also available. During World War II, Sun Rubber changed its production to defense products, but switched it back to toys after the war. Toy vehicles and dolls were manufactured until the 1950s.

Graham Coupé
light blue; USA 1939
Sun Rubber (USA)
rubber, scale 1:43; acquired 2012
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