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Tootsietoy is one of the pioneers in the history of diecast model cars. The origins of the American company date back to the late 19th century, when the Dowst Brothers from Chicago started producing laundry accessories and miniature figurines made of cast metal. After 1901, the series of figurines included three-dimensional reproductions of cars. The first true model car with rolling wheels, a tiny limousine, was introduced in 1911, followed by a Ford T tourer in 1915. The Tootsietoy name was first stamped on the company's products in 1922 and registered as a trade mark in 1924. In the following years the company released a series of quite realistic cars and trucks in about 1/43rd scale and smaller, and it was, from 1933 on, one of the first model car manufacturers to use zinc alloy instead of lead. After World War II, Tootsietoy concentrated on simple toy cars in various scales and never attempted to compete with the more and more sophisticated diecast models made by European manufacturers. Diecast and plastic toy cars were made under the Tootsietoy name until the 21st century, finally in the Far East.

Buick Roadster
red/black; USA 1927
Tootsietoy (USA), no. 6001
lead, scale 1:55; acquired 2012
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LaSalle Coupé
silver/black; USA 1935
Tootsietoy (USA), no. 712
diecast, scale 1:48; acquired 2012
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Mack AC
coal truck, red/beige; USA 1921
Tootsietoy (USA), no. 4639
lead, scale 1:72; acquired 2011
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VW Rabbit Diesel
red; USA 1978
Tootsietoy (USA), no. 3015
diecast, scale 1:32; acquired 2017
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