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The Trane company was founded in Japan in 1983 and mainly manufactures non-motorized diecast railway models of domestic originals fitting N-gauge layouts (1/160th scale), including various versions of the Shinkansen express trains. Model trams and even model gliders are also produced. In 2008, Trane introduced the "Faithfull Bus" series featuring detailed 1/80th scale diecast bus models. The range consists of the Isuzu Erga city bus and the Isuza Gala motor-coach, both available in numerous authentic liveries. Besides city buses from Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and other Japanese cities, airport buses as well as an Isuzu Gala as operated by the Hato Bus company for sightseeing tours in Tokyo are also part of the programme. While the bus models are made in China, the railway models by Trane are still manufactured in Japan.

Isuzu Erga
Tokyo bus; Japan 2004
Trane (China), no. FB 01
diecast, scale 1:80; acquired 2016
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Isuzu Gala
bus "Hato Bus", Tokyo; Japan 2005
Trane (China), no. FB 02
diecast, scale 1:80; acquired 2015
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