Since it was no longer possible to import personal cars to Cuba after the revolution in 1959, classic American cars from the 1950s became typical for the Cuban streetscape in the following decades. Wooden models of such cars are a popular souvenir from Cuba. The moulds are usually produced industrially in Asia, but the finish is made by local artisans. Bigger models often feature opening parts. There are also several diecast models of typical Cuban vehicles: Altaya released 1/43rd scale models of two American cars from the 1950s, a Ford Fairlane and a Pontiac Chieftain, as Havana taxis, in their partwork featuring taxis of the world. Government officials drove Russian Lada cars, so there are also several models of Lada police cars from Cuba, e.g. a Code 3 by based on a Russian 1/43rd scale Radon model, or a 1/87th scale plastic model by Busch from Germany. A stretched limousine as built locally from two Lada bodies and used as a taxi in Santiago de Cuba also appeared in the taxi partwork by Altaya.