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The German toy company Busch was founded in 1958 and originally specialized in 1/100th scale airplane models. Model railroad accessories, dolls and electronic toys were later added to the range. In 1994, Busch took over MFB (previously Model International), a company which had manufactured 1/87th scale plastic model cars under the name of Praliné since the early 1980s, and thus also became a model car manufacturer. Some models from the extensive Praliné range, which consisted of classic pre- and post-World War II cars, vans, buses and emergency vehicles, remained in production with an improved level of detail. Furthermore, the company extended the range, developed new and better detailed 1/87th scale models and also released models of modern German cars. The first 1/43rd scale model, a Piaggio Ape pick-up truck, was introduced in autumn 2011. In addition to its own model car range, Busch also distributes the detailed 1/87th scale models made by Masterpiece and Ricko from China and took over the production of the Espewe models of prototypes from the former GDR in 2011.

Model manufacturer: Busch

  Lada 2106
Cuban police (Patrulla); Russia 1977
Busch (Germany), article no. 50562
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2018
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  Piaggio Ape 50
dark blue; Italy 2010
Busch (Germany), article no. 60002
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 2011
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