A company called SIAM (Sociedad Industrial Artículos de Metal), based in the Peruvian capital Lima, produced copies of Tootsietoy models already in the 1940s. In the 1970s and 1980s, several Peruvian companies manufactured simple plastic toy cars in larger scales. Like for many toy makers in other Latin American countries, a very popular prototype for them was the VW Beetle, which could be found in the ranges of various manufacturers. Trucks, sports cars, and racing cars were also modelled. Many of these toy vehicles do not have any indication of the manufacturer, but some brand names are known: BASA, Plásticos Lido, Hude, Perfil, VETO. BASA was based in Lima, and in addition to making their own products, they made a contract with the American Kenner Parker group to manufacture some of their toys under licence in the 1980s, including the 1/40ish scale toy cars from the T-zzzers range with a single big drive wheel in the inside to rev up. The Peruvian cardboard models in my collection have been created by architectural students in Lima, who finance a part of their studies like this, to be used on architectural models. While many of these models are generic (saloons, vans, buses, police cars, ambulances, construction vehicles), some are recognizable copies of real vehicles.