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All Swiss Models was founded in 2011 and has specialized in 1/87th scale plastic models of Saurer trucks made from old Roskopf moulds. The range namely consists of the types 5D and D 330 N as dump trucks in many different colours. Furthermore, limited edition versions in authentic liveries of these two types, as well as of the D 330 F with a cabin originally made by Roskopf, are also issued. The models are made in Camorino in the Swiss Canton of Ticino. In addition to its own models, the company also sells Saurer models made by Roskopf and Arwico, exclusive limited edition models of Swiss buses made by HB Model from Czech Republic, modern Swiss buses from the Rietze and VK Modelle ranges as well as other 1/87th scale models of Swiss prototypes, and offers replacement parts for 1/87th scale trucks.

Model manufacturer: All Swiss Models

  Saurer D 330 N
dump truck "Von Arx Peseux"; Switzerland 1977
All Swiss Models (Switzerland)
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2012
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