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Steffen Katzung from Leipzig presented detailed 1/87th scale plastic models of the Goliath Express 1100 under the brand name of DreiKa at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2012. The models were soon available in bus and van versions, but already in the following year, Steffen Katzung had to suspend his project for health reasons. In 2017, he resumed production of the Goliath models and handed over the distribution to Busch. In addition to buses and vans in new liveries, new body versions of the Goliath that had already been announced in 2012 were now also added to the range, such as the platform truck and the 8-seater "luxury bus" with roof windows and folding roof. The website, on which all current DreiKa models are on sale, including some exclusive versions, went online in autumn 2020.

Goliath Express 1100
luxury bus, blue/cream white; Germany 1957
DreiKa (Germany), no. 94151
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2021
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