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The Polish company Cobi started manufacturing board games and jigsaw puzzles in Warsaw in the late 1980s, but soon specialized into plastic bricks, which are similar to and compatible with Lego bricks. A new factory to produce these bricks was opened in Mielec in Southern Poland in 1997. In 2008, Cobi introduced a brickset to build a McLaren Formula 1 car. This was followed by other vehicle models such as Jeeps, a London Routemaster bus, contemporary Maserati and Skoda cars, and notably a series of Polish and other Eastern European cars in 1/35th scale, which were also available as a partwork from newsagents in 2018. Several cars in 1/12th scale were later also added to the range. Unlike the Lego models, the typical knobs on the bricks are usually no longer visible on the assembled Cobi models.

FSO Polonez Truck
red; Poland 1988
Cobi (Poland), no. 24535
plastic, scale 1:35; acquired 2018
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Maserati Quattroporte
dark blue; Italy 2015
Cobi (Poland), no. 24563
plastic, scale 1:35; acquired 2020
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Trabant 601
light blue; GDR 1964
Cobi (Poland), no. 24539
plastic, scale 1:35; acquired 2019
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