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Del Prado was one of the first publishers of collectible partworks available at newsagents that included model cars. The publishing house was founded in Spain in 1988 and released its first model-car-related partwork in various European countries in 1999: the series "Car Collection" included 1/43rd scale models of milestones of motoring history, with the choice and number (from 70 to 85) of models slightly differing from country to country. Many of the models from this series have been sold later in the "Legend" range by Universal Hobbies. Another partwork from Del Prado dealing with fire engines from all over the world was introduced in various countries in 2003. In the meantime, Altaya has become a part of the De Agostini publishing group.

BAI Janus 4000 Bi-fronte
fire brigade Mont Blanc Tunnel; Italy 2001
Del Prado (China), no. L1287-4
diecast, scale 1:64; acquired 2006
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Shanghai VW Santana 2000
silver; China 1995
Del Prado (China), no. CC 84
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2009
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UMM Alter
fire brigade Yonne department (France); Portugal 1990
Del Prado (China), no. L1287-28
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2006
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