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FRIHO Modellbahnen was founded by Alfred Friedli Sr. in Lenk in Simmental, Bernese Oberland, in 1974. Initially, wooden products from his parents' carpentry workshop, model railways and toys were sold at the shop. From the 1980s onwards, in-house made 1/87th scale handbuilt models of railway vehicles were also part of the range. In 2007, the company was renamed into FRIHO Modellbau, because beside railway models, production now also included road vehicles and accessories, and a small hobby model shop was established on the site of the former shop in the same year. The family business now exists in its third generation. Since 2009, the company AFM-Modellbau has manufactured models of special military vehicles and accessories to order and has offered model kits, and since 2014, detailed handbuilt models of Swiss military vehicles have been released under the SMM (Schweizer Miniature Modelle, i.e., Swiss miniature models) name, mainly in 1/87th and 1/35th scale. In the field of road vehicles, 1/87th scale models produced under the FRIHO name are based on products by other manufacturers and refined with additional details. Among others, a Willys MB Jeep of the Swiss Army based on a Roco model, a Willys Station Wagon originally made by Eko, and a Roskopf model of the Saurer D330 6x4 converted into a truck as used in Yemen have been released.

Willys Station Wagon
dark red; USA 1950
FRIHO (Switzerland)
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2023
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