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Markus Herzog from T├Ągerwilen in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau released the only model car of his one-man company in 1999. It was a handbuilt 1/87th scale model of the Sauber C12, the first formula 1 car of the Swiss Sauber racing team. The model has got a white metal body; spoilers, suspension and hubs are made of brass, and the tyres are soft rubber. The metal parts were manufactured by MO-Miniatur from Germany. The model is painted gloss black and came in an acrylic display case. Since Herzog went bankrupt soon after the presentation of the model, only a very limited number of items were produced.

Sauber C12
JJ Lehto; Switzerland 1993
Herzog (Switzerland)
white metal, scale 1:87; acquired 2010
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