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Injectaplastic was a French manufacturer of plastic products. The company was run by Léon and Maurice Verchère and was founded in Oyonnax, Ain department, shortly after World War II. In the 1960s and 1970s, the range included, along with many other products, several series of plastic model cars. Like Clé, another manufacturer from Oyonnax, Injectaplastic produced simple vintage car models in about 1/43rd scale, which were added to packs of detergents (e.g., Bonux) and groceries (e.g., Huilor cooking oil) as promotional items. Contemporary French cars in 1/43rd scale (Citroën DS, Peugeot 204 Coupé, Renault R16, Simca 1100) were also available, as well as 1/33rd scale models of Citroën DS Break and Citroën CX Break in various liveries (police, gendarmerie, fire brigade, ambulance, post office, French television). In 1995, Injectaplastic was taken over by the American company Rubbermaid, and three years later the factory in Oyonnax closed.

Citroën CX Break
French postal service; France 1975
Injectaplastic (France)
plastic, scale 1:33; acquired 2023
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